3 Relaxing Features to Add to Your Outdoor Living Space

3 Relaxing Features to Add to Your Outdoor Living Space

At the end of a long day, there is nothing better than enjoying a cold drink or a relaxing meal outdoors. Modern living can be stressful, and enjoying outdoor time is a great way to counteract these stresses. Breathing fresh air, feeling a warm breeze, and hearing the soothing sounds of nature are all important for body and mind. Creating a relaxing outdoor living space can be simple and inexpensive — perhaps one or all of the following ideas can help you create an outdoor oasis of your own.

1. Make yourself comfortable.

Perhaps the most important feature of any outdoor space is a place to plop down and cozy up. Outdoor furniture is available in many colors, sizes, and price points, and will provide a perfect place for family and friends to enjoy your outdoor space. Especially when placed in a shady area, and particularly when adjacent to a kitchen or other inviting indoor space, a well-furnished outdoor space can be seen as an extension of indoor living. Adding hammocks, pillows, throws, and cushions can also increase your comfort factor. For over-the-top relaxation, place some beautiful and fragrant potted plants such as lavender or verbena near seating areas.

2. Add a water feature.

A water feature can add several soothing touches to your outdoor living space. The sound and sight of trickling water, the look of aquatic plants or fish, and the dragonflies, birds, and butterflies that a water feature attracts can add much to the character and beauty of your outdoor space. Water features can be anything from a freestanding or wall-mounted fountain to an in-ground pond full of plants, rocks and fish.

3. Spice up your evenings with a fire pit.

We often spend time outdoors during the day, but what about at night? When the sun goes down, a crackling fire can provide a warm ambience and extend our outdoor hours. Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes, from custom in-ground or built-in pits made of stone, to free-standing steel bowls. Building a fire can be a soothing end to a long summer day.

A soothing fire, the sound of bubbling water, and a cozy spot to curl up are all great ways to unwind and let go. Enjoying the shade, fresh air, a comfortable place to sit, and the refreshing smells and sounds of nature can all contribute to a sense of relaxation and well-being, and can counteract the stresses of modern life, especially when shared with friends or family.