How to Garden Like a Pro

How to Garden Like a Pro

Gardening is a great way to unplug, unwind, and de-stress. It’s also great exercise and lots of fun. Starting a garden or landscaping project, however, can seem overwhelming. It’s a big job! But by keeping a few key tips in mind, you can garden like a pro. So ditch the overwhelm and learn to see your garden as an oasis, no matter where you are on your gardening journey.

1. Plan before you plant.

Get to know your planting zone and what plants are native or easy to grow in your area. A good deal of time and effort (and frustration) can be saved by simply knowing and using plants that will do well once you plant them. Choose plants that you not only love, but that will be easy to care for. Ask experienced gardening friends for tours of their gardens. Seeing what others have done will help you get inspired in your own space.

Once you have your list of desired trees, shrubs, and plants, create a plan for your garden. Flower beds, vegetable gardens, and fruit trees can be planted together or separately depending on your desired effect. Creating a drawing or other visual representation of your yard and garden is a great way to get an idea of how things will fit together.

2. Envision the future.

As part of your garden plan, be sure to look ahead to the next 5, 10, or 15 years. Learn the life span and growing potential of each plant. Trees, shrubs and perennials can grow considerably, so it’s important to leave ample space so nobody gets crowded out. Careful planning and spacing ensures that each plant is happy and feels welcome!

3. Color outside the lines.

Once beds and borders are established, you can add variety and splashes of color by adding containers to your garden. Planting in pots, baskets, buckets, and even old leather boots can add charm and whimsy to more formal areas. Browse your garden center and find plants that are colorful or quirky. This process of adding color, unusual containers, and interesting new shapes to your garden is a great way to express yourself creatively and is what elevates a garden from functional to fabulous.

Spending time nurturing your garden as a long-term labor of love will prove to be not only visually but physically and emotionally rewarding. By using the preceding tips, thinking ahead and being creative, your garden can exhibit not only your horticultural knowledge, but your personality as well.